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Supporting you and your well-being during these challenging times

We're Total Therapy Studios

Throughout the last year, we have been robustly complying with all advice from both UK Health and our governing bodies, and we have continued to provide pain management services such as Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy. Naturally there have been significant protocols in place to ensure that we can deliver these safely.

With lockdown restrictions being eased, we're pleased to say that we are able to deliver the remainder of our services. This means that our full range of services is as follows:


Needless to say, robust processes remain in place to deliver these in a risk-assessed Covid secure environment.


As the largest provider of fully interactive classes in the local area, we have been delivering our timetable online since March 2020. We will continue to offer an online provision, but are currently working through our reopening plans to start to being classes back to the studio, in line with our plans that you can see below. You can read more about our class provision on our classes page and see the schedule of when these take place on our timetable page.

If you'd like to access our online system

You can log onto Pike 13, our online class management system by following this link. Please note, it's only available to clients who we've spoken to about doing classes with us. If you're new to us, please see above.

If you'd like to buy class credits

If you'd like to buy class credits, then you can do so by following the links below. As always, we use Paypal to support this, so you know you can do so safetly and securely. You don't need to have a Paypal account, and all credit cards are accepted. After you've made a purchase, they'll be added to your account within 24 hours.

Buy ten regular class credits (£95 inc VAT) for use in all all classes.

Buy six regular class credits (£63 inc VAT) for use in all all classes.

Buy ten drop-in/online class credits (£80 inc VAT). This new credit pack can be used for drop-in or online classes only. Available from Monday 17th May.



At the current time we are of course unable to deliver our timetable at our sudios in Denne Parade and the Carfax. However, with a change to restrictions on the horizon we are working hard to rebuild our timetable for when we return. In the meantime, our expansive timetable of online classes continues.

Our classes are fully corrective, delivered by experts, and crucially are kept in small groups to make sure you receive the focus you require.

We pride ourselves on providing the most affordable, flexible and varied timetable in West Sussex. This means that you have the opportunity to take part in the casses you need on a regular basis in a fun and safe environment. You can read more about how our classes are delivered on our classes page, or take a look at the timetable on the timetable page. Please note that the schedule which is shown is the timetable we'll be returning to, so not all classes are currently available.


With lockdown restrictions being eased, we're pleased to say that we have been able to deliver the remainder of our services since Monday 12th April. You can see a list of these on the top of this page. As always, we strive to provide you with the highest calibre therapists, giving you and your body all the little things it needs in the right balance to stay well in a way that's manageable and affordable. The team consistently work together which means that to support you fully we may recommend that you see a different therapist, or try a different discipline. This allows us to provide you with a well-rounded treatment plan, all under one roof. Please note that there are significant changes to the way we do things at the moment, as you might imagine. However, you can trust that all of our team are trained to deliver treatment in a Covid-secure environment.

So to book an appointment, just send an email to info@totaltherapystudios.co.uk or give us a call on the normal number - 01403 249 511. We'll be waiting to take your call and can provide advice around the most appropriate therapist. More information about therapies that you can see is available on our therapies page.

Reopening plans

It goes without saying that there have been a huge amount of challenges throughout the last twelve months, but we're proud of the fact that we've been able to still support the local community with their wellfare during lockdown. This has taken the form of online classes, remote consultations, and some face-to-face pain management services during the later stages. With the vaccination programme in place - and a roadmap back to recovery - we have put into place a number of steps which outline our forecasted return to normal operations.

We're putting together our new timetable as we transition back to in-person classes at the studio. This features a completely rebuilt schedule of classes, and this can be seen on the timetable page. We are looking towards reopening classes on the 21st June, if possible, and are making contact with our class attendees around finding appropriate classes for everyone. Please be patient as we go through this; with over 1200 clients it's quite the process. However, with online classes continuing for clients who prefer this option and the opening of our new studio in the Carfax we're confident that we'll be able to find classes for everyone.


Our credentials

We’re not the only facility in Horsham that provides wellness care in terms of physical, holistic and wellness therapies. However, we’re the only multi-disciplined fully intergrated clinic. This means that all of our therapists work together to support you. It's rare that one type of treatment can fix everything (despite what some people will tell you), and therefore this multi-disciplined approach all under the same roof means that you'll be supported by some of the best therapists in the South all working together.

Our approach is to help you understand how your body works and to support your recovery, not just tell you that you need to see us twice a week, every week, forever and forever.

But don't just take our word for it. Why not read what our clients say?

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