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Horsham’s wellness, therapy and corrective exercise centre

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A different and fresh approach to wellness

We're the place that bridges the gap between medicine, therapy and exercise. If you're not sure if your body is doing what it's supposed to do, or you simply want to feel better, then we can help you.

We offer a full range of therapies such as Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, Movement Therapy, Acupuncture, Soft tissue and Massage Therapy, along with Hypnotherapy, Nutrition, Foot Health, Personal Training and holistic therapies. We were the first to bring clinical exercise classes to Horsham incorporating Pilates, Yoga, High-Intensity Pilates and rehabilitation sessions. Our clinic and studio facility in the centre of town is friendly and welcoming, and it's our aim to provide you with all the options and education for your complete well-being.

We believe that being healthy and well shouldn't break the bank either. Our prices are very competitive, with our flexible class pricing structure the best in town. For us, it's all about working together to get you well and keep you well, all at a price that you can afford.

what we provide


A full range of physical and complementary therapies

We provide a full range of therapies to help the body and mind and create optimum wellness. Physiotherapy, Sports and Massage therapy, along with Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy and Reflexology, all under one roof. We also offer foot health services, Clinical Nutrition, Holistic treatments such as aromatherapy massage and Hot Stones massage too. We're also the only provider of ScarWork™ in Horsham.

All of our therapists are chosen to provide you with treatment of the highest quality, delivered in an honest and engaging way, and they all work together to provide the best treatment for you across different therapy types if required.
Pilates, Yoga, Meditation and corrective exercise classes

In our studio we hold friendly small group classes which allow our team of highly trained instructors and therapists to provide an exercise solution that is focused on you. We offer a full range of clinical Pilates, Yoga and Conditioning classes to suit all ages and ability, and the size of our classes means that you'll receive full attention from our instructors to support your needs.

We're famous in the local area for the effectiveness and atmosphere in our classes, and our expansive timetable of over 65 classes a week means that we're the largest provider in the local area.
Courses, workshops, seminars, clubs and events

We're pleased to offer many different workshops and courses at the studio. These are varied in their content, and range from rehabilitation classes to support a clinical need, introductions to Yoga and Pilates, and we're also holding a number of nutrition talks this year too.

We also provide full and half day Yoga workshops throughout the year which will allow you to relax, and explore breathing and self discovery. Please visit our calendar page to discover more.

our story


Are you someone who avoids exercise because it makes pain worse? Are you the one in a class that sits at the back waving your arm and legs about wondering what it's actually achieving? Do you sit or avoid certain exercises at the gym or in classes because it hurts? Do you plough through the same old routine at the gym or dig out the same old exercises that a therapist gave you five years ago and wonder why you don’t seem to be improving? You might rely on expensive treatments in the hope that one day you will be pain free, but secretly wonder if the treatment will ever stop and wonder when you will ever feel fully well.

Remember when you were a carefree five year old? When your body felt all bouncy, your skin was amazing and you viewed the world with energy, excitement and imagination? Since then, we've all worked too hard, or sat too still for too long. We've eaten the wrong things, and we've thrown in some loss and heartbreak along the way. We've tried to train for a 10k run, and we've torn some muscles. Overtrained, undertrained and being stressed is now a familiar feeling.
Is it any wonder that our bodies feel stiff and painful, or unmotivated and generally unwell?

This is why Total Therapy Studios was born.

horsham’s wellness provider

We’re not the only facility in Horsham that provides wellness care in terms of physical, holistic and wellness therapies. However, we’re the only multi-disciplined fully intergrated clinic. This means that all of our therapists work together to support you. It's rare that one type of treatment can fix everything (despite what some people will tell you), and therefore this multi-disciplined approach all under the same roof means that you'll be supported by some of the best therapists in the South all working together.

Our approach is to help you understand how your body works and to support your recovery, not just tell you that you need to see us twice a week, every week, forever and forever.

But don't just take our word for it. Why not read what our clients say?


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