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As well as a full schedule of therapies and classes, we have also delivered workshops, masterclasses, and other bespoke sessions throughout the year.

Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, most of our events in 2020 were sadly postponed, and whilst we have forecasted that some events may be able to take place, we are currently not accepting bookings for these as the situation continues to change.

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If you've any questions around our workshops (essentially 'are you doing this one?' or 'Is that one going ahead?', please drop us a quick email.


OCT 2020


2.00PM - 17.00PM

A workshop with Michelle Deane
Scents and Sensibility - An Aromatherapy Workshop

Come and immerse yourself in gorgeous scents and learn the myriad of uses of aromatherapy oils. Not just for massage, these oils are a joy to use for skincare, home-cleaning and ambient perfuming.

They provide a natural method for aiding many common health issues too from colds and flu, to insomnia and aching muscles. Knowing how to work safely with essential oils, they quickly become a part of our lives.

“I use them in my natural skincare range, for relaxation, cleaning the fridge, sorting out my cat when he has an abscess, easing stress, boosting my brain power, treating wounds and burns….and a whole heap of other stuff too!” ~ Michelle

This lovely workshop includes:
  • The amazing healing properties of essential oils
  • How to choose oils and blend them safely
  • Making a room spray and a natural wound-healing balm
  • Aromatherapy for common ailments
  • Oils to relax or energise
  • Ways to use essential oils at home
  • Handouts to take home with you
Michelle qualified in aromatherapy in 1995 and loves sharing her knowledge and experience. You will come away with some great ideas, and the confidence to bring the art of aromatherapy into your everyday life, contributing to green living.

We are currently not taking further bookings for this workshop whilst we review it's feasibility due to ongoing distancing restrictions. Please contact us for details.

DEC 2020


2.00PM - 17.00PM

A Yoga workshop with Natalie Creasy
Calm Before the Craziness of Christmas

Without a doubt this has become one of Natalie's most adored workshops! An opportunity to gift yourself the Calm Before the Crazy of Christmas!

"I love this workshop, it is a real Christmas Gift to yourself or a loved one. A little time for you, to just be. To melt away the strains of the year and move confidently into the busy month of December.

Imagine a whole afternoon, cocooned in a peaceful and warm space, with fairy lights and soft music. You laying super comfy on a yoga mat, with blankets, bolsters, pillows, warm socks and a scented eye pillow - delicious. We ease into the afternoon with breath and deep relaxation techniques, calming the whole nervous system. From there we just keep layering practice after practice using breath, meditation, movement and yoga nidra to ease you into a deep stillness within."
~ Natalie Creasy

Merry Christmas - gosh you deserve it!

We are currently not taking further bookings for this workshop whilst we review it's feasibility due to ongoing distancing restrictions. Please contact us for details.