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How to join us to do classes

At Total Therapy Studios we aim to provide you with the exercise solution that best suits your unique needs. Our classes are very popular and we may not be able to accommodate you on your preferred class especially if you have limited availability or specific needs. The long and the short of it is that when people come to us, they rarely leave! Remember, we're primarily a clinical facility; most of our classes are in place to support specifical issues that you may have in terms of mobility or pain. Therefore, we request that you fill out this questionnaire to ensure that we can offer you the right exercise solution and to save you time and money if we can't.

Once we've received your questionnaire, the next step of the process is that you attend a clinical induction. This is 30 minute consultation with Sarah Dover-McCarthy, who is the Clinical Director and owner of Total Therapy Studios. During this consultation, she'll be able to get a good sense of your range of movements, ability and unique needs. We'll discuss your availability, what you're looking to get out of classes, and we'll suggest some classes around this which will be suitable.

There is a small charge for this consultation session, however it does include your first class for free, and we don't have any other 'joining fees'.

Some basic contact details
Full Name
Telephone Number
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We cater for all ages, but it would help us greatly if we knew how old you are.
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Classes you'd like to do
What type of classes are you interested in taking part in? (i.e., Pilates, Yoga, Rehabilitation, High-Intensity Pilates, Relaxation/Meditation).
What's the reason for you wanting to join our clinical classes? (i.e., injury, rehabilitation, pain management, G.P. or other health professional referral, or general mobility and fitness).
Please give us as much detail around when you're able to come and do classes, e.g., specific times and days are you're available to attend. If you're flexible please state daytimes/evenings/weekends or all. The more detail we have, the better chance we have of finding you a place on a class.
Would you be ideally looking for a permanent place every week on a regular class, or the ability to attend on a drop-in basis?

More detail about you
What physical activity do you currently undertake?
Have you done any exercise classes before? If so, when and where?
Please list any previous operations that you've had, with details such as dates etc.
Please state any accidents (such as car crashes, falls, broken bones, muscle injuries). If so, please provide details.
Please state any medical conditions, health issues or emotional issues past or present.
Again, please provide as much detail as you can.

Up-to-date info about health
Do you take any medication? If so, please share details.
Please give details of any pain or restriction you're currently experiencing.
Where does this present, serverity and a brief description.
How would you describe yourself in terms of fitness, activity, mobility levels and weight?
Please state any treatment that you have had (or are having) from a health professional (i.e., Osteopath, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist etc)
Is there any other information you feel relevant. This could be information about your health, or your ability to take part in classes here at Total Therapy Studios, or indeed, anything at all that you think we should know when we read this form.

Important terms and conditions
Data Authorisation - When you submit this information, it will be sent to Total Therapy Studios. We will store your contact data on our clinic management system, and use this information to give you a call to arrange a one-to-one assessment. This information is held in secure electronic storage. We will also create a client file for which contains the all of the information that you have provided on the above form.
This file is held in hard copy, and is held securely in line with our insurers instructions. We use this information so that we can provide the best clinical experience for you when you have your one-to-one and we can work out the most appropriate clinical plan for you going forward. We never ever share your information outside of Total Therapy Studios. More information is available on our privacy policy, which you can read by clicking here.

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