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Supporting you and your well-being during these challenging times

Our online provision

The lockdown restrictions during the Corona Virus outbreak in 2020 meant that there was a huge need for health and wellbeing services to be delivered remotely. We're pleased to say that we rose to the challenge, and within one week of lockdown were delivering over sixty fully interactive online classes and all of our therapists were able to deliver online consultations if appropriate.

These online consultations and classes have proved incredibly popular, providing great support for those who are unable to attend the studio. We're thrilled to say that with a generous funding grant from Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Funding we have developed our online infrastructure to continue this provision. You can read more about them, and how our online options below.


Online Classes

Our online classes were an absolute hit with our clients during lockdown in 2020. Delivered using the Zoom platform (that most of us have learned to use this year) they're fully interactive, which means that the instructor can see you, and correct your movement. This is absolutely vital and is the foundation of what we do; it's all about making sure that you're doing things correctly, and feel part of class environment. We also limit numbers on our online classes too, which means that you'll receive the focus that you deserve.

It couldn't be easier to take part in our online classes. If you're already a studio client of Total Therapy Studios or Total Therapy Holistic, then you can drop into an online class using our class management system, or just give us a call.

If you're new to Total Therapy Studios, then that's not a problem and we'd love you to join us. Simply fill our our questionnaire by following this link, complete the details, and we'll get in contact and take care of everything.

All of the classes that we hold online are on our timetable page (they're the ones with the little webcam icon). We've got permanent places available on many of them, which means you'll be automatically enrolled every week; just contact us if you'd like to do this. Your existing class passes apply to our online classes too, so you don't have to worry about a different process.

In short, our online classes follow exactly the same process as our normal classes in the studio. We want to make it all as easy and as seamless as we can!
Online Provision

Online Consulations

Now look, let's cut to the chase. We absolutely and fully accept that online consultations aren't appropriate for all therapies and treatments. We know that there's no way that you can have a massage or indeed a pedicure using Skype!However, during the lockdown in Summer 2020 we created a framework for the consultations that we could deliver online, and we continue to provide this service even though our clinics are open once again.

Whilst some therapies simply can't be delivered online, many of our talking therapies work very well over video call. This is especially true of coaching, support for stress and anxiety, nutritional therapy, and some women's wellbeing appointments. Some of the more physical appointments work well, and our instructors and therapists are delivering one-to-one Yoga sessions and such like too. From Total Therapy Studios we are also providing Physiotherapy and movement assessments online too, for those who are unable to come to see us.

As always, just get in contact with us to discuss how we might be able to help you remotely. Sessions can be delivered via a variety of platforms such as Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp video call; whatever works for you.

So whilst it might seem odd to have a session online, you'll be amazed at the possibilities. Just give us a call, and discover how we can help.

All about Coast to Capital

To deliver the online provision effectively, we were supported by a grant from Coast to Capital who provide a number of funding, grant and loan opportunities available to private sector and public sector organisations to support business growth across the South of England. This funding comes from an allocation from the Government's Growth Deal and the European Structural & Investment Fund which both support business growth, and we were thrilled to be helped by them.

As you can imagine, an online provision requires a significant amount of equipment and their grant has helped us develop the following infrastucture:
  • Two dedicated online class suites, both with professional webcams and monitoring equipment.
  • Webcam equipped high speed laptops and tablets to allow us to provide online consultations from all therapy rooms.
  • An upgrade of our clinic and class management software to allow online booking and attendence management.
  • Investment into online media such as website redevelopment
  • Marketing capital to support the growth of our online provision to clients across the country.
We're absolutely thrilled to have their investment support, and it is true to say that we could not have delivered our online provision without them. With lockdown restrictions continuing into the first half of 2021 the need to provide remote physical, wellbeing, and emotional support online is bigger now than ever before. We're pleased to be able to help people in the local community and beyond.

You can read much more about Coast to Capital and the support funding that they provide by following this link