Horsham’s wellness, therapy and corrective exercise centre

Supporting you and your well-being during these challenging times

Keeping you moving, keeping you safe

The Corona Virus outbreak has brought huge challenges for everyone, and whilst Total Therapy Studios closed its doors on 24th March for the first time in history we remained committed to providing health care services for our clients. The lockdown restrictions meant that we were also unable to open Total Therapy Holistic (which was scheduled to open on 23rd March), however we did everything we could to support our clients during the lockdown.

During the first national lockdown, we moved all of our classes to an online model, and provided over fifty online classes a week. These - along with a provision for online appointments and consultations - meant that we were able to support clients with the challenges that they faced, keeping them moving and well during the most challenging of times.

As we enter 2021 and a continuing national lockdown, there is an accepted need to provide clinical pain management services, along with mental health support. We are 100% committed to following all guidance from both UK Health and our govening bodies, and there are a huge number of adjustments and operational changes that we have put in place to operate in a safe way. Regrettably we are unable to offer all treatments, however services such as Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, Acupuncture, and mental health health / emotional support services such as coaching, Women's Wellness, Nutritional Therapy and Psychotherapy are unaffected.


Our Classes

Despite a lifting of restrictions between September and October - which allowed small group classes to take place in Denne Parade and the Carfax - we took the decision in November to move all of our classes online until further notice. We're the largest and most experienced provider of fully interactive online classes in the local area, with classes delivered via the Zoom platfrom to keep you moving, and keep you connected.

Our classes are fully corrective, delivered by experts, and crucially are kept in small groups to make sure you receive the focus you require.

We also pride ourselves on providing the most affordable, flexible and varied online timetable. This means that you have the opportunity to take part in the casses you need on a regular basis in a fun and safe environment. You can read more about how our online classes are delivered on our classes page, or take a look at the timetable on the timetable page.

How we deliver treatments

It goes without saying that the close contact nature of our hands-on treatment means that significant adjustments have had to be made to provide a safe environment. Our clinical team - by their very nature - are trained in robust hygiene procedure which limits the opportunity for cross-contamination. In line with current UK Government guidelines, our team wear facemask and visors for your treatment, and we also require clients to wear facemasks. Consideration is given throughout the treatment to the amount of close contact, and enhanced hygiene procedures have been put into place. We have also removed a number of soft surfaces from our treatments (such as pillows and towels), so please understand if certain items have plastic covers, etc.

For the full list of operational processes, please download our full policy document by following this link

Our full policy document

We invite all of our clients to read our full policy document, which we update as the situation changes. We thank all of our clients for their continuing engagement through these difficult times. We have seen a huge amount of empathy and understanding this year, and thank all of our clients for their ongoing support. It's a difficult time for everyone, however we're confident that things will return to a more normal state soon.

Download latest policy document by following this link