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Corona Closure

Our online classes

As you may have read on our home page, our studios are currently closed due to the current Corona Virus outbreak. However, we're pleased to say that we have built an online timetable of classes to support our clients during this challenging time. We have done this via the Zoom Cloud Meetings platform, and we'd like to thank all of our clients and team for their support as we put this into place.

Below, we have outlined all of the information that you'll need to know.
You can also purchase class credits online via the Paypal system. To do this, please use one of the buttons below. They're just added onto your account, and a receipt sent to you.

Ten class passes - £95 inc VAT
Ten class passes for use in any of our classes (Denne Parade, Carfax or Online)

Six class passes - £63 inc VAT
Six class passes for use in any of our classes (Denne Parade, Carfax or Online)

If you're new to Total Therapy Studios, and you'd like to take part in our online classes, this is more than doable. However, it's vital that we have a conversation first so we can gain an understanding of how we can help in the most appropriate way. We invite you to fill out our online questionnaire, and then we'll give you a call to have a chat.

You can see our timetable of online classes on the timetable page. Please note, this will grow as the situation changes, so please refresh this page to ensure you're seeing the latest information, or follow us on Facebook for further updates. And remember if you're an existing client and would like to enrol, just go onto our online class management system, or drop us a quick email.


We're the biggest provider of classes in the local area

We are currently closed due to the Corona Virus outbreak, but have provided the following information so you can see how we do things normally

At Total Therapy Studios we aim to provide a range of exercise classes, all with a therapeutic and clinical benefit. We pride ourselves on providing the most affordable, flexible and varied timetable in West Sussex, whilst ensuring that you get the classes you need on a regular basis in a fun and safe environment.

We're a clinical facility, and therefore our classes are in the whole aimed towards supporting people who's range of movement is limited by injury, illness or who have longer term challenges. This sets us apart from other studios which primarily help with general fitness. Due to the differences between our classes and different needs of our clients we do have a two stage process to join the majority of our classes. It's vital to us that we find the right class for you, therefore we ask that you first complete our online questionnaire to ensure that we fully understand your requirements, history and crucially your availability. Our classes are very popular and due to this we want to make sure we can find a space for you!

We also offer our clients the facility to manage their attendence online. Whilst we'll still be able to support you with booking onto classes (in person, on the phone, or via email) clients can log on and enroll for classes from the comfort of their own home. You'll be able to book yourself onto classes, remove yourself from classes you can't attend, and check on class credits remaining. Click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions page which contains more information about how we do things.

How to join us

If you'd like to join our classes, please click here to complete our online questionnaire to provide us with the details which will allow us to find a class for you. We'll then contact you to discuss next steps.

The second stage of joining our classes is meeting you and discussing your needs in more detail, and we do this with a one-to-one induction and consultation with Sarah Dover-McCarthy, owner and practice director of Total Therapy Studios

We'll contact you and get you booked in to meet with Sarah for a thirty minute consultation. In this we can talk about your requirements, get an understanding of what you're looking forand discuss various options with respect to classes. She'll also take the time to go through how we do things, and answer any questions that you may have. These sessions are charged at £25, however that does includes your first class for free.

Competitively prices and flexible

We're proud to offer the most unique and flexible structure for our classes that simply isn't matched many other places. We offer classes all year round, and our aim is to offer you a guaranteed space on a class whilst offering the flexibility to pay only for the clases you come to. That's right - full flexibility but with no memberships, no monthly payments, no penalties, no early morning phone calls to book your place. We want you to feel well both physically, mentally and financially, and make this all as easy for you as we can.

So, as we're talking about costs:

Six class passes £63 (just £10.50 a class)
Ten class passes are £96 (even cheaper at £9.50 a class)

You may notice a change in those prices due to a recent VAT requirement.

With our flexible system of class passes, they'll only be taken when you attend a class OR you fail to cancel a class less than 24 hours before it starts (late cancellations or no shows will sadly be charged one class credit). We'll let you know when your passes are running low, and you can purchase them over the phone or in person at the clinic. You can also ask us at any time how many you've got left. We do have a time limit for using class passes; any pack must be used within six months from date of purchase. And whilst we're talking terms and conditions, we're not able to exchange passes for therapy credit or retail purchases, or refund them. However, if there are circumstances where you're not able to attend classes and you still have credits against your account we're more than happy to transfer these to a friend or family member who attends classes. You can read more detail about our passes on our FAQ page. Please note that our 40 class pass pack is currently not on general sale.

Classes may be cancelled if there are fewer than four people booked onto the class. This is primarily to maintain the experience for all clients. If this is the case, we'll make every effort to contact you with as much notice as possible, and will offer you an alternative class.

A flexible approach to attending

Now, this bit is is the really important bit - and underpins how we maximise your opportunity to get on classes and get the exercise you need. Take a deep breath, and read this bit slowly! To try and create the most flexible and supportive solution for you, we do things slightly differently to some other studios.

Permanent Places
A Permanent Place means that we'll guarantee a place for you every week and you'll be automatically be booked onto your class or classes every week going forward. This means that there's an expectation that you'll attend regularly. However if you can't attend a class, you're able to cancel without penalty or charge providing you let us know 24 hours before hand. Our one-to-one assessments ensure that you start and progress in the right group, with familiar faces and regular instructor.

Please note that these permanent places are on the whole reserved for those with a higher level of clinical need, and therefore depending on your needs it may be that a drop in place is more appropriate. We also reserve the right to move you onto a drop in place if you haven't attended your Permanent Place class for a number of weeks.

Drop-in places
Due to our flexible structure, we also have drop in places available on our classes. Even if you don't have a permanent place, you'll be able to book onto classes and attend, even at short notice. The best way to do this is via our online system, where you can view classes and see if spaces are available (although you can always call or email us too!).

So if you have a varying availability or a changing schedule, then a drop-in place may be more suitable. Please make sure that you book onto the class though, as due the small class sizes we may not be able to accomodate you if we don't know you're coming.

If we're unable to offer you a permanent place, but there's a specific class that you'd like to do each and every week, we can put you on a wait list for a permanent place.

Sometimes we're able to offer you a permanent place quite quickly, sometimes this can take a little longer due to the popularity of the class. However, we're always transparent about how many people are on a wait list too. There's nothing stopping you using our online system to drop into classes until we can find you a permanent place, and by using this system you can also book onto classes up to four weeks in advance (space permitting).

Why not check out our timetable?

So now you've got an understanding of how we do things, our induction process, and how we really want the right class for you. Ultimately it's all about ensuring that you're doing the right exercises for the challenges that you face, or so you get out of classes what you're looking for. We've got two studios in Denne Parade, and we separate the timetables for both of these. Why not click here to visit the timetable page to see what classes we have available?