Sarah Dover-McCarthy
Practice Director and Owner
I'm Sarah, and I own and run Total Therapy Studios. I first qualified nearly 20 years ago as a sports therapist and over the years my clinical knowledge and interest in all things anatomical has led me through a very unique journey into what I do now, for which there is no real title!

I believe that the body works in a way that's so complex and so connected that it’s very rare for one type of treatment or exercise to rid us of all the aches and pains that impair our daily function. I wanted be the sort of therapist that could deliver whatever was needed to feel well, which is why I've studied many disciplines in manual, movement and exercise therapy at diploma to Master's Degree level.

I was very soon struggling to meet the demand of my growing patient list, so Total Therapy Studios was born - a place that bridges the gap between exercise and medicine and puts a little bit of what we all need under one roof in a warm, friendly, and affordable place.

And what else could I tell you? Well, I used to be a gymnast (a long time ago), but probably explains why I'm so bendy! I now like to hack about on the golf course and relax in other ways. I love music (except jazz - don't get me started about jazz) which plays a major part of my non-work life; I sing in a band (called Singfield if you're interested). When I'm not doing all of that you can find me at home stroking my cats.