Pia Gronroos
The One With The Needles
I met Pia on an myotherapy diploma course for dogs; I was teaching and she was learning. She was practicing acupuncture at the time and was working down the road in the New Street Clinic and wanted to extend her practice to animals. I'd known of her before this however, as many of the people who came to see me would talk about her and give her very glowing reviews, but I could now put a person behind the praise.

I approached her when our previous Acupuncturist left to pursue a new career. Acupuncture was always something that I wanted to offer at Total Therapy Studios and luckily she was looking to increase her treatments in Horsham.

Pia completed her four year training in Acupuncture in 2003 from the International College of Oriental Medicine where she also qualified in Swedish massage 2001.

She also gained a passion for Yoga in the late 90’s which led her to qualify as a Yoga teacher in 2005. Pia uses her Yoga and massage knowledge to understand the body better and bring an even more holistic approach to clients with physical problems.