Natalie Creasy
The Mystic One
I was keen to bring yoga to Total Therapy Studios as it was something that many of our clients had asked about. Natalie came highly recommended as a yoga practitioner of excellence with the ability and confidence to make this happen. I loved her on first meeting; she's down to earth, warm, assertive and soft all rolled into one infectiously calming package. She was excited by my vision and couldn’t wait to get involved.

After practising yoga for many years, she obtained her yoga qualification from the Unity School of Yoga. To complement this, she qualified in Stress Management, Relaxation, Meditation, Life Coaching and Yoga-Nidra with a view of bringing them all together to quieten the mind and explore the body. Her biggest learning being that breath is a very powerful tool enabling us to work with body, mind and emotion to bring the balance we need for optimum physical and mental health.

The essence of her classes are to feel your body and learn to connect and recognise it in that moment. You'll lengthen the body, toning and strengthening it, and notice how the body feels, not how you expect it to feel. You'll also use breath to relax giving you a capacity for movement that you never dared imagine.