Linda Jewell
The Receptionist and OTHER foot lady
Linda was with me from day one at the birth of Total Therapy Studios. Literally that first Monday when we opened the doors and said "Right, what now?". I've treated Linda for many years and once I knew I was opening a studio, I never doubted that she would be perfect for a role as receptionist, administrator and confidant; I only hoped that she would want to work with me!

Linda has a natural affinity with people and has a warmth and friendliness which allows her to engage with everyone she meets. She essentially runs the place and worries about me constantly, and I can honestly say the place would not be the same without her.

Linda is also a qualified reflexologist, and has been providing treatments at the clinic since the start of 2016. She's already gained a strong fan base, please check out our therapies page to get an understanding of how she can help you with this fantastic additon to the treatments we offer.