Dominic Dover-McCarthy
The Behind The Scenes Guy
Dominic is my husband, and is the chap that's sometimes seen behind the reception desk (which always surprises people).

Historically an operations manager in the retail and hospitality industry, Dom supports in all the 'behind-the-scenes' ways that he's experienced in and is now on board officially as practice manager.

He's working with me to create and improve the systems we use, ultimately to make things smoother and easier for everyone. He stood side-by-side with me when we built the clinic from the ground up, so has a good understanding of the journey we've come on. More recently he's reinvented himself professionally as a designer and business consultant and as part of this he takes care of all of our marketing, design, social media and web presence. He created our logos, and the look and feel of our marketing, so if you've any feedback please let him know. He's also pretty handy with a screwdriver so he's normally the one who is seen with drills and hammers keeping the place standing.

Having Dom around means that I get to concentrate on all the things I should be concentrating on, essentially patient care. So often I've seen therapists move out of treatment and into 'management' as their practice has grown. I'm keen not to let this happen, so having Dom around means I'm less likely to lose focus on you.