Charlotte Hunter
The Food and Nutrition Girl
Charlotte approached me to enquire if I'd rent out my studio for a weight loss course she wanted to bring to Horsham. I've met many nutritionists in my time but her passion and enthusiasm were incredibly engaging. I especially loved the fact that she was as down to earth about her therapy as I was. When she said “It's not about just telling people they can’t eat stuff – I love fish and chips and wine, life is for living too” was the clincher for me.

Charlotte's view is that nutrition isn’t about what you can’t eat and simply staying away from food that’s bad for you. It’s about going back to basics and eating what we really enjoy to maximise our health in a busy, stressful world. You can proably see why we fitted each other. Her own history of being a self confessed sugar addict suffering from a series of health issues is what led her to gain her BSc in Nutritional Medicine in 2010.

Charlotte will be giving talks at the studio regularly and running courses for weight loss and health. She also manages a busy home with two children, one of whom is also coeliac intolerant, and the other dairy intolerant, so good nutrition that works in a busy family is something that she is deeply experienced with.