Horsham’s wellness, therapy and corrective exercise centre

Private healthcare at affordable prices

Please note that due to a change in our VAT status, our prices have changed, and our new VAT inclusive prices are shown below.

We take all methods of payment; card, cash and cheque, and feel that our prices are exceptionally reasonable. Unlike many others, we also understand that the treatment you need isn't always the treatment you may be able to afford. Therefore, speak to us if flexibility is required.

We also have gift vouchers available, so you can treat someone you know to treatment. Please contact us for details.

Please note that a cancellation charge may be applied if you don't arrive for an appointment, or cancel within 24 hours.
Assessment and Treatment

Sarah Dover-McCarthy

30 minutes   £47
45 minutes   £58
60 minutes   £75

Classes joining assessment  £25

Please note that Sarah Dover-McCarthy works on a senior consultation level only, and therefore may not be available for regular appointments. Please speak to a member of the reception team for more details

Sports Therapy

Sarah Campbell
Nicola Williams
Jack Boatwright

30 minutes   £42
45 minutes   £53
60 minutes   £70
Running Assessment  £70
Sports Massage

Marina Romans Baucells
Jackie Evans

30 minutes   £37
45 minutes   £48
60 minutes   £60

Our Sports Massage therapists are able to provide a range of other massage treatments. Please ask for more details.
Nutritional Therapy

Jackie Williams

Initial consultation AND follow-up   £139
Additional follow-up sessions  £45

Nutrition appointments take the form of an initial consultation and then follow up sessions. Please see our therapies page for details.

Pia Gronroos

Acupuncture   £50

Initial appointments are charged at the standard rate, but can last between 45 and 60 minutes.

Linda Jewell

Reflexology (Feet)   £50
Reflexology (Face and Feet - 60 min)   £60
Reflexology (Face, feet and hands - 90 min)   £70

Jo Ball

60 minute session  £70
Smoking Cessation (60-90 minutes)   £120
For Jo's smoking cessation sessions, these depend very much on the individual and are tailored to the client. Please contact us for more details.

Anne Davies

50 minutes session   £50
Anne is deeply skilled to support a wide range of issues, and uses different approaches from psychotherapeutic counselling and transactional analysis.
Holistic Therapies

Michelle Deane

45 minutes   £45
60 minutes   £60
75 minutes   £75

Please note that Michelle offers a variety of services such as Women's Wellness and coaching, Aroma-Healing, stress and anxiety management, Scarwork, and one-to-one Yoga sessions.
Ten class pack



This ten pack can be used for permanent places and drop-in places in the studio, or permanent places and drop-in places online. However, they cannot be used for equipment studio.

Six class pack



This six pack can be used for permanent places and drop-in places in the studio, or permanent places and drop-in places online. However, they cannot be used for equipment studio.

Ten class pack



Available from Monday 17th May

Our drop-in / online pack is for our clients who drop into studio classes, or take part in drop-in or regular online classes. Please note they cannot be used for permanent places in the studio.

Six class pack



These packs are for people who take part in classes in the equipment studio, and cannot be used for any other classes (either matwork or online).