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how to build a clinic in two weeks


We didn't always look as we do now

Sarah Dover-McCarthy had been treating in Horsham in a small practice in New Street since 2001. She had built a loyal client base and also ran classes in various different locations in Horsham, however was keen to bring this all under one roof.

It was a long search to find the right premises, however in February 2012 Denee Parade came available. It was an old engineering firm, and therefore was very much bare bones with concrete floors and breeze-blocked walls. Over a period of just two weeks it was rewired, reconstructed, decorated, and fitted. Sarah and Dom completed much of this work themselves, and what you see now is as a result of that somewhat frantic and exciting fortnight.

Since that time, in 2014 we took on the premises next door to build further treatment capacity, and in late 2016 modified upstairs to provide a second studio. They say that a picture tells a thousand words, so please take a look at the pictures below to get an idea of the journey we've been on.

Sarah's treatment room and back lobby
Upstairs - Just one big space
Upstairs - Just one big space
Sarah's room and back area
The bit that's now the kitchen and back lobby
Upstairs treatment room two - getting there
Trying to get power to next door. Not easy!
When it looked like the end was never in sight.
Screws disappearing into stud walls. Dom in tears.
Reinforcements brought in. Uschi gets the hoover.
So. Many. Doorframes. To. Paint.
Dom stirs his coffee.
Things start to take shape in the studio.
Bish bash bosh (Dom gets the kettle working).
Sarah's room as work begins
Men with tools do clever things.
Studio doors. The fifth coat.
Sarah's room. When we were in the thick of it.
Our mantra for two weeks.
Bob The Skeleton comes to his new home.
Good old IKEA eh? Now we just need some stock.
Bob's temporary home in reception.
Yet more green paint.
Bob helps out before the coathooks.
Sarah realises the paint should be on the door, not her.
Upstairs. One big open space.
Sarah explains her vision upstairs.
Sarah tries to escape.
Right at the start. When things looked really scary.
The walls start to go up.
One night. When the task GENUINELY looked impossible.
Bob The Skeleton. In a patient mood.

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