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Online class management.

Our clients now have the facility to manage their class account online. Whilst we're always present to talk on the phone, or manage your classes by email or in our reception this is something that our clients have requested, and we're thrilled to be able to offer it. This process will allow people to book onto classes, remove themselves from classes that they cannot attend, and receive reminders directly from our timetable system. It also has other benefits like wait lists for classes, and the ability to check how many credits remain on your account.

Of course, as this is a slight step change we're keen to support everyone in this. Therefore, we've put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions about this process, so please see below. If you do have any questions that we haven't answered, then please feel free to give us a call on 01403 249 511 (or send us an email here).

Is there an official 'help guide'?
The system that we use is trusted by clinics all over the world, and we've been using it for about four years now. If you'd like to read the official client guide, then you can visit the official Pike 13 help guide by clicking here. Please note though, this contains information about buying passes and kiosks which isn't relevent to us. However, it does contain all of the infomation about booking and removing yourself from classes.

Do I have to use your online system? I like talking to people and emailing in.
That’s no problem at all, if you don’t want to use the online system that’s fine and we’re never going to force you to do so. We’re just opening this up as many clients have been asking, and we feel it’s the appropriate thing to do.

How do I register to use it?
You should be receiving emails (such as confirmations of bookings, and class reminders) direct from the system now. You may have also received a 'welcome email'. If you haven't registered, then you can do so in the following ways:

1) From a welcome email, click on the link that says 'go to my account', and then register your password there.
2) From any of our reminders, click on 'see details' and it will take you direct to our system.

Do I have to keep finding your emails to log onto the system?
When you access any link on our emails, it will open the Pike 13 website. Whilst you can of course access the site from these emails, you can also create a bookmark oor shortcut to this page, depending on what system you use.

Can you show me how to use it the next time I'm in?
We're going to have a tablet on reception where we can show you what the system looks like, and have a go at logging in. Hopefully we'll be able to get you started on this.

Can I still tell you at the end of the class if I’m not going to be there the following week?
Absolutely. Our instructors will still be taking the normal roll call.

If I take myself off a class, does it affect my permanent place?
No. The unique system that we have for ‘guaranteed permanent places’ won’t be affected. You’ll only have the facility online to book yourself onto, or remove yourself, individual classes. If you're removed from a class the email will read that your 'registration has been cancelled', but as above this is only registration for that class; no permanent places can be modified or lost using our system.

Will I still get a reminder for my class two days ahead of time?
You’ll still get the reminder, but our system will be sending these out 24 hours ahead of time. To be completely honest we’d prefer to have two day reminders, and our systems provider is working on this in the next upgrade. However we didn’t want to delay the launch as the benefits outweigh this issue.

If I cancel a class with less than 24 hours notice will I be charged a credit still?
You will. This process hasn’t changed. However of course as per the point above it does mean that when you get the reminder, you’ll be in our chargeable cancellation period. However, having looked into this and speaking to lots of clients we're told that people don't wait for a reminder before realising that they can’t do a class. One of the reasons for this is due to our 'permanent place' process. Many of our clients do the same class week in week out and it's part of their routine. With our online system, you also have the ability to check your upcoming schedule at any time, so it's possible for you to have a greater awareness of what classes you're booked into.

Therefore we’re not forecasting this as a huge problem, but we do respectfully ask youto log on and take a look at their classes coming up, if you're unsure if you've got a class booked.

Will it be accurate?
It will. We’ve tested the system robustly and everything works very well. To be honest in theory it will be MORE accurate online, as you’ll be interacting directly with our class registration system. Currently our reception team process any requests manually, and whilst they’re normally very good there can be an element of human error. Therefore, interacting with our system directly is going to be more accurate for you. We’ve been using this class management system for two years, so it’s not as if we’re changing everything at once.

Can I see how many credits I have left, and buy more online?
On your profile you’ll be able to see how many credits you have, however we’re not opening the facility to buy more just yet. Please note that the system shows how many you have left, as opposed to how many you've used in a specific pack.

When I bought some more credits I got a receipt sent to my email. It says 'ten class credits £80 £80 £80' but the receipt says £20. Why is this?
There's a long and boring reason for this, which we're mindful of sharing here. It's essentially to do with the way our system was set up, but you needn't worry, you've definitely got 10 class credits. If you do want a full receipt for the £80 (I'm not sure anyone ever has!) then just ask and we'll email one to you.

If I’m booking myself onto a different class, how can I be sure it’s right for me?
We’ve made sure we’ve updated all of our classes on the system with the level of the class. These are Beginner (or all), Improver, and Intermediate. Before booking yourself onto a class you haven’t done before, please check the level. Of course, our instructors will be looking out for people they haven’t seen before so we’ll be making sure we’re focusing on you. We’ll also be updating all of our class descriptions on the website in due course too.

Are you getting rid of the reserve list process where you email me if you’ve a space?
We are. Whilst this works to a certain extend take up of this can be limited. And now that you’ll have the facility to book yourself onto classes you’ll have visibility of classes with spaces on. Therefore, keep checking back, and remember you can book up to four weeks in advance with the online system.

Will emails come from you?
They'll look like they're coming from 'Total Therapy Studios', but they're actually coming direct from our system, which is called Pike 13 (they’re based in the Pike Place area in Seattle, which is why they’ve got a rather odd name!) Don't forget to check your spam or junk folders if you don't get them, and if they end up in there then assign them to your 'safe' list.

What do I do if I can’t get it to work?
Well, just pick up the phone and we’ll see what we can do. Please note that our reception team won’t be able to log on to your screen and see what’s happened, and of course, they’re not a true IT helpdesk about such things! However, drop us a line in the usual way, and we’ll see how we can help.

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