Clinical Pilates Therapy
with Sarah Dover-McCarthy

Wednesday 13.45pm
Level 0
Sarah says...
Pilates integrates movement, breath and muscle control into what we call 'compound' exercises which utilise more than one muscle group at a time in order to develop functional control such as when you walk, garden, or go about your day. These classes tend to be more flowing and allow ease of movement with control.

These classes are not taught by clinicians, medical professionals or biomechanics specialists and are not always appropriate for those with acute or chronic pain or medical issues.
This is a level 1 / 2 class which incorporate a variety of different isolated (one muscle or group) and compound exercises than level zero classes. They still give plenty of time to explain the core principles of engagement and breathing, but will involve a few more strength and conditioning exercises and less stretch and flexibility exercises than level 1 classes.

These classes are suitable for those who are relatively new to pilates and to learn correct technique.

Not suitable for people with acute pain or chronic mobility issues.