with Tammy Freeman

Tuesday 18.00pm
Level 2 / 3
Tammy says...
This is a level 2/3 class suitable for anyone partaking in Sport or regular exercise. These classes will focus on more dynamic movement without impact and will help develop strength, stability and endurance and focus on muscle control and technique to keep you strong, mobile and injury free for your chosen sport or exercise.

At Total Therapy Studios our non-clinical Pilates teachers have some of the best qualifications in the industry, are very experienced and have a multi-disciplined approach to their classes. Tammy’s corrective exercise approach focuses on correct technique and positioning, and will give you confidence with movements and exercises that you never thought you could do.
Tammy says this is a more dynamic class with a larger percentage of exercises performed in the standing position. Floor exercises are included but will be faster and more dynamic than our more traditional or clinical pilates classes.

Due to the level and pace of this class, these classes are not suitable for beginners as a certain level of stability and core control is required and presumed, and therefore not suitable for people with acute back, hip, knee or shoulder pain.

This class is excellent for those wanting to stay injury free for sport or active lives.