with our instructor team

Saturday 10.00am
Level 2 / 3
Sarah says...
These classes are a little bit different to our normal classes as the instructor for these classes rotates every 3 weeks.

This means that you will benefit from 3 very different teachers with different styles, from the clinical class, to the functional class to the more traditional Pilates style.

These classes are generally taught to Level 2/3 which means that they will incorporate a larger number of compound strength and stability exercises (many muscle groups) and spend less time on correct set up and positioning than level 0/1 classes. These classes will assume a certain ability to engage the core and position the body correctly and help build strength and functional stability and flexibility.
Some weeks the class will be slower and some weeks more challenging depending on the mood of the instructor that day! And some weeks you will be subjected to one of my therapy classes (because I'm The Boss!)

Therefore you really never know what you are going to get, so for people that get bored easily these are the classes for you.

These classes are suitable for most people but not for beginners or those who have not done Pilates for very long.