Clinical Pilates Therapy
with Sarah Littleford

Monday 17.30pm
Level 0 / 1
Sarah says...
Clinical Pilates is a modification of traditional Pilates developed by physiotherapists, movement specialists and biomechanics experts for people experiencing acute or chronic pain, suffering from illness or recovering from surgery or injury. These classes taught by degree level therapists or clinicians specialising in movement dysfunction and utilise the most up to date research on movement and exercise therapy.

Many exercises are adapted for each individual person to enable correct function and control, and the clinician is able to identify incorrect muscle activity. These classes focus more on isolated muscle activity (individual muscles or group).

These classes focus on stretching, mobilising and releasing tight muscles and joints with the use of trigger point balls, spiky balls, foam rollers belts and bands. The class will focus one area of stability each week such as core control, glute activation, balance or shoulder stability.
These classes are great way to learn how to release your muscles, stretch them out, relieve pain and mobilise the joints. These techniques are encouraged at home and can often remove the need for 1-2-1 treatment sessions. These sessions are suitable for everyone especially those who enjoy that feeling of “positive pain” that you experience when you have a strong massage!

Also suitable for those with fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinson’s or other chronic health issues.