Functional Pilates
with Tammy Freeman

Monday 11.30am
Level 2
Tammy says...
Pilates integrates movement, breath balance, and muscle control into what we call “compound” exercises which utilise more than one muscle group at a time in order to develop functional control such as when you walk, garden, or go about your day. These classes tend to be more flowing and allow ease of movement with control.

At Total Therapy Studios our non-clinical Pilates teachers have some of the best qualifications in the industry, are very experienced and have a multi-disciplined approach to their classes. Tammy’s corrective exercise approach focuses on correct technique and positioning, and will give you confidence with movements and exercises that you never thought you could do.
This is a level 2 class which incorporate a mixture of isolated and compound strength and stability exercises (many muscle groups). These classes will still explain correct set up, but will assume that you know the basics of core control. These classes help build strength and functional stability, but still include exercises for mobility and flexibility.

Not suitable for beginners, people in pain.

Suitable for people wishing to increase strength, endurance, and flexibility.