Menopause Support Group
with Michelle Deane

Wednesday 18.45pm - 20.15pm
This class takes place every four weeks. Please contact us for dates.
Michelle says...
Are you feeling emotional , overwhelmed, exhausted, noticing mood changes or temperature changes?

For many women menopause crashes into their life, but others may not even realise the menopause is creeping up upon them, and more often than not lack the tools and knowledge to help ease the journey and realise that what they are experiencing is totally normal. Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, irritable, angry and doing too much are often key symptoms. And yet we still steam ahead hoping that we will cope like we have coped with everything else up to this point.
This four-weekly group teaches the importance of learning how to STOP, BREATHE and RE-EVALUATE. What you are experiencing is a natural part of being a woman and we just need to learn how to work with it. Come along for support with people going through the same journey, learn deep deep relaxation techniques which are key to this transition, and learn tips and techniques to incorporate into your life to soothe the way.

Michelle’s experience as a trained coach on menstrual and menopause wellbeing will guide you into acceptance and provide a deeper understanding of this challenging time and ease all those things that make you feel like you are going crazy.