(Core and Lower Limb)
with Nicola Williams

Wednesday 11.30am
Level 2
Nicola says...
PhysioFit is a class developed by Nicola our chartered Physiotherapist and utilises up to date research for people experiencing pain, health issues, movement dysfunction, injury specifically to the spine hips and knees.

This class will focus on stability and function through the core and the trunk but will not involve exercises that irritate issues of the lower limb, hip, knees, ankles and feet. These classes will educate and be tailored to those suffering with new or old back, hip or knee pain, arthritis, pre and post operative hip, knee or foot surgery and associated lumber pelvic instability or asymmetry.
Nicola says that this is a Level 2 class where isolated and compound (more than 1 muscle or group of muscles) exercises are performed for longer periods than other clinical classes in order to improve endurance and function.

Suitable for those with recurring and chronic back, knee or hip pain pre and post surgery.

Not suitable for those 0-6 months post surgery or those with acute hip, back or knee pain.

You will need a clinical assessment before attending these classes and are by referral only.