Spine Health
with Jack and Matt

Saturday 9.00am
Level 1 / 2
Jack says...
These classes are a functional rehabilitation class for people with back pain or spinal issues developed by Jack our degree level Sports therapist and Matt our chartered physiotherapist using the most up to day research.

Classes will focus on resuming pain free function and stability for day to day activities and will educate you on how to feel confident with your spine.
This is a Level 1/2 class and focuses on number of different functional exercises and stretches in both standing and on the mat. He will give his clinical expertise and education to feel and understand the strengths and weaknesses in the body and how this could be contributing to pain and dysfunction. These classes are suitable to those new to classes and have been recommended by a clinician to the class.

These classes are suitable for people rehabilitating from spinal issues, such as disc bulges, degenerative discs and other non diagnosed back pain and stiffness for those with pain and apprehension around spinal movement.

Not suitable for those with acute spinal or nerve pain.

You will need a clinical assessment before attending these classes and are by referral only.