with Tammy Freeman

Monday 17.30pm
Level 2 / 3
Tammy says...
This classes will teach you all the techniques required to add weight/resistance to your exercise using a single kettle bell. Most of the exercises are low or no impact but will aim to get your heart rate up, help you develop endurance, increase muscle mass, improve metabolism, tone and aid weight loss.

Starting with an option of no weight or 2kg/4kg for ladies 4kg- 6kg for men, this class will provide and all over functional body workout. These classes are usually repetitive and change every 6-8 weeks, but as this is relatively new class to the studio we focusing heavily on technique and ensuring that you are all safe and controlled in your class.

Tammy’s corrective exercise approach focuses on correct technique and positioning, and will give you confidence with movements and exercises that you never thought you could do.
This is as a level 2/3 so is not suitable for the beginner, anyone new to weighted exercise or kettlebells, have poor core and hip muscle control or acute back, hip shoulder or knee pain.

Lower level and technique classes are available on a Wednesday and Friday.