Yoga Mindfulness
with Natalie Creasy

Monday 13.00pm
Level 0 / 1
Natalie says...
This is a relaxing slow form of yoga that allows you to use your breath to connect to your body, mind and heart and lovingly release any tension being held.

This is ideal for anyone new to Yoga or people returning after a break or illness, along with those who have any mobility issues or are suffering with physical or mental stress.

This is a new class to our timetable, so please contact us to register your interest.
We've rated this class level 0 / 1, which means it differs slightly from the class that follows it at 2.30pm. However, as in all of my classes a huge focus is placed on body awareness and acceptance of your own body from a place of love, gratitude and joy.

It also provides the added benefit of feeling a deep sense of relaxation all built in to one.